Case Studies

Roundhouse Thinking goes to great lengths to understand individuals and businesses in order to help devise training solutions fit for purpose. Whether it is an open course to improve and develop a particular skill set, or a company-wide training programme, Roundhouse Thinking successfully provides training solutions.

Feedback is extremely important to us and helps us continuously improve and celebrate our success. We have worked with a variety of businesses and individuals and we are very proud of the feedback received.

Multi award-winning venue and home to three successful restaurants in the heart of Derbyshire, Morley Hayes, approached Roundhouse Thinking to provide Food Safety training to new and existing staff.

Pauline George, the Catering Administrator for Morley Hayes, explains: “We have been a regular user of Roundhouse Thinking over the years and have a good relationship”.

Roundhouse Thinking delivered several days of training at the Old Hall. “It is also local to us and easily accessible for our learners to attend”, Pauline said ‘the training has been well received and feedback was extremely positive’ and added ‘[our] chefs have given feedback on the courses and said how informative they were and enjoyable to attend to widen their learning’

‘I would recommend Roundhouse Thinking to others”.

TBAT are a market leading consultancy that help their clients gain grant funding for innovative Research and Development Projects as well as streamline their tax arrangements to take into account the research and development being undertaken.

Their work involves an understanding of business finance in order to offer appropriate advice, however TBAT wanted to gain a much better understanding of business finance in order to continually improve the advice they could offer to their clients.

Roundhouse Thinking was able to tailor their existing Finance for Non-Finance Directors course to reflect TBAT’s business environment and the environments their clients operate.

TBAT were very appreciative of the tailored training and their feedback was fantastic. Dealing with TBAT was a positive experience and Roundhouse Thinking looks forward to working with them again in the future.

The Jockey Club identified that standard customer service qualifications or training programmes would not adequately help them develop some of their customer facing staff. Due to the nature of their business, their customer profile is incredibly diverse and they needed training that would reflect this.

Roundhouse Thinking were able to design and deliver a Customer Service Excellence course to over 50 team members that took into account the diversity of their clientele and addressed how to go about ensuring everyone received the same, excellent level of service and enjoyed their time at the races.

Feedback was fantastic and the staff really enjoyed the training, Roundhouse Thinking were thanked for their work that they were able to design and deliver within a very short timescale due to their vast resources and experience in Customer focussed training.

As part of RDS Global’s strategy to expand, it was highlighted that in order to achieve sustained growth whilst still delivering excellent service to their client; they must invest in their people. This strategy was incredibly successful and coincided with the acquisition of another business to their portfolio.

Roundhouse Thinking was asked to come on board as the training partner in this process, due to their experience and excellence in supporting and running change programmes. A solution was designed that mixed bespoke training to support the changes being made to teams within the business as well as a workshop for the directors and training courses for individuals to fill specific skills and knowledge targets. The programme included:

  • 2 day Organisation Culture Workshop – delivered to the board of directors looking at what kind culture the directors wanted to embed and how to do it. We also looked at the challenges of bringing two cultures together following the merger.

  • 1 day Customer Service Workshop – these were delivered to all teams from both of the businesses to look at what good customer service is and examining the new processes that would be used in the new organisational structure. It was also an opportunity to bring people together and start work on embedding a positive organisational culture.

  • Public Courses (Project Management, HR Essentials, Finance for Non-Finance Directors) – some individuals from the business benefitted from improving their professional skills and increasing their knowledge of business on Roundhouse Thinking’s public courses.

Feedback has been unanimously positive so far, there are still a number of steps to take to complete the programme and ensure RDS Global is fully supported on their journey.

Having long-since developed an incredibly successful business, ASG Group approached Roundhouse Thinking to help them develop their Shift Leaders into well-rounded leaders. The focus was to be core leadership competencies such as communication skills, handling conflict, performance management and awareness of leadership styles.

Roundhouse Thinking developed a 3-day programme with the availability of additional coaching to support the Shift Leaders through the process. Performance across teams has noticeably increased since the programme and instances of human resources intervention have significantly decreased strongly indicating that the training was very effective.

Following the success of other training programmes in various areas of the organisation, the Production Planning department approached Roundhouse Thinking to help them formalise their skills in Production Planning and also further their skills in strategic interpretation and forecasting models.

Roundhouse Thinking were able to design a programme combining a qualification from the Institute of Supply Chain Management delivered over a 12 month period interspersed with Roundhouse Thinking’s own Estimating & Forecasting and Translating Strategy into Action courses to get the right blend of learning and skills development.

The programme has been well received and benefits have been realised almost immediately, with the delegates taking their learning and suggesting improvements to their own processes in line with this that will allow them to work more efficiently with internal departments, and ultimately improve their service to their customers.