E-learning - Intermediate Excel

Hours: 6.00
Cost (£): 150.00

Course Overview

This one-day workshop will help intermediate Microsoft Excel
users to advance their skills. You will learn how to use some of
Excel’s more powerful features so that you can complete your
work more effectively and quickly.

Course Content

• Workbook and worksheet protection
• Cell referencing
• Using functions – including SUMIF, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS and TODAY
• Introduction to charts
• Data tools
• Excel tables
• Cell linking within worksheets and workbooks
• Sorting and filtering
• Auditing and error checking
• Using outlines
Benefits for the individual
• Ability and confidence to use more of Excel’s
tools and functions to improve your performance
in the workplace
• A broad range of hints and tips to save time
Benefits for the organisation
• More confident and proficient Microsoft Excel
practitioners, operating at an intermediate level
• An efficient workforce, capable of producing and
presenting high-quality spreadsheets which will
assist business analysis and planning


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