E-learning - Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

Hours: 1.50
Cost (£): 150.00

Course Overview

Emotional Intelligence is a collection of traits that can help
people gauge social and emotional situations and interactions
with others. Emotional Intelligence has increased in
importance as our working world has become more complex.
Understanding the emotions of yourself and others can be
advantageous in a range of contexts, helping you to fulfil your
potential at work.
Emotional Intelligence provides critical insights into the way
we see ourselves, relate to others, make decisions and
manage stress. In fact, it is one of the single largest factors
that helps differentiate the best leaders.

Course Content

The report covers four factors:
• Wellbeing
• Self-Control
• Emotionality
• Sociability
It also gives feedback on our ability to adapt in situations
and our self-motivation (how we behave when the boss
isn’t looking!)
How does it work?
• The individual is sent an online link and completes the
questionnaire. There are 153 questions and it takes
approximately 30 minutes to complete.
• Once the report is generated, a one-to-one coaching
session will be scheduled between the individual and
an accredited Emotional Intelligence coach from
Roundhouse Thinking.
• The coaching session will last
approximately one hour. The conversation will use the
output of the questionnaire as a tool for discussion and
focuses on helping the individual to create their own
personal action plan.
• The coaching conversation is best face-to-face, but can
also be conducted over the phone.


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