E-learning - Team Working

Hours: 1.00
Cost (£): 25.00

Course Overview

This e-learning short course in Team Working is designed to
help your organisation understand the importance of good
Learners on the course will gain an understanding of what teamwork is and the different types of team and group personalities. It will equip
them with the tools to build effective relationships, highlight
positive and negative characteristics and appreciate what motivates a
team. Finally, learners will understand the importance of self-analysis,
reflection and the feedback that ultimately leads to effective and efficient teamwork.

Course Content

• What is teamwork?
• Working effectively with colleagues
• Establishing good working relationships
• Group composition and teamwork
• Group personalities
• Positive and negative communication characteristics
• Active listening
• Motivation
• Self-analysis
• Feedback
• Why it is important to handle criticism positively
Learners will receive a Highfield e-learning completion
certificate, which they can download upon successfully
finishing the course.


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