Marketing - Introduction to Digital Marketing Methods

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

This course is a must for individuals keen to use the latest digital
marketing tools and techniques to improve brand awareness and achieve strategic goals and ambitions. It will give you a better understanding of how these tools and techniques can complement and enhance your organisation’s overarching marketing strategy. We address the fundamental elements of digital marketing while exploring the background to each of the tools available.

Course Content

• Understand the breadth of marketing tools available
• Design and evaluate existing social media and digital marketing campaigns
• Create a bespoke digital marketing plan, taking into consideration your end goals
• Understand social media metrics and website analytics to improve marketing and measure success of marketing activities through Return on
Investment (ROI)
Benefits for the individual
• A bespoke written strategy to enhance digital marketing
• Clearer direction for digital marketing communications
• Improved reporting with a focus on ROI
• Improved confidence using new methods
Benefits for the organisation
• Cost savings thanks to better utilisation of tools which are currently free to use
• Improved conversion rates
• Trackable and measurable results
• Increased number of enquiries
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