Leadership and Management - Managing Difficult People

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

Difficult people can sap your energy, cause disruption, unsettle
colleagues, use up your time and affect your team’s performance.
Of course, it’s actually the behaviour we find challenging, not the whole person. What’s worse, we often respond with behaviour that they find challenging, creating an ever-increasing circle of frustration.
This course highlights strategies for dealing with difficult behaviour and the appropriate responses that can have real impact on your team’s productivity. Problems are recognised and nipped in the bud before they become troublesome, individuals learn to modify their behaviour and the work environment becomes a happier place for everyone.

Course Content

• Understanding human behaviour – what makes behaviour difficult?
• The importance of self-awareness – using reflection to analyse your own responses
• Understanding personal power
• Assessing the situation
• When and how to act – managing conflict and impact on performance
• How to challenge effectively
• Appropriate interventions
• Behaviour modification – how can individuals learn and change?
• Tips and strategies for dealing with difficult people
Benefits for the individual
• The ability to assess a situation and decide when and how to intervene
• A range of techniques for handling challenging behaviour
• An understanding of how behavioural change occurs and what the barriers are
• An awareness of how your personal response and management style affects the behaviour of others
Benefits for the organisation
• More effective people management
• Less friction between team members
• Improved productivity and working relationships
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