Leadership and Management - Managing Difficult Situations and People

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

In an increasingly demanding and competitive world, the ability to deal
with ‘difficult’ people successfully is essential. This hands-on workshop
focuses on how to approach challenging people in a professional and confident manner. It provides essential knowledge for managers and supervisors who are handling staff performance issues and for customer contact personnel working in a pressured environment.
We cover tools and techniques to help ensure a positive outcome when the communication becomes tough. Delegates will leave the day feeling more confident to broach the conversations they previously may have avoided.

Course Content

• Recognising possible causes of difficult behaviour
• Tools to manage oneself and any negative emotions
• How to build rapport
• Assertiveness skills
• Communication techniques to identify areas of common ground and solutions acceptable to both parties
• Tools to defuse a situation
Benefits for the individual
• Increased confidence in your ability to defuse situations and achieve win-win outcomes
• Skills to behave and communicate assertively
• Successful outcomes when faced with challenging situations
Benefits for the organisation
• Increased customer satisfaction when problems arise and are satisfactorily resolved
• Reduction in customer complaints
• More effective performance management
• Increased wellbeing of staff able to broach difficult subjects
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