Leadership and Management - Giving and Receiving Feedback

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

Giving and receiving feedback effectively is vital to any organisation’s performance. It contributes to an engaged, motivated workforce where team members can learn from their successes and their mistakes.
This is an engaging workshop with high levels of group participation. Because feedback can be shared with peers, team members and seniors, the course is relevant to individuals across the workforce. In particular, the skills you gain are part of the essential toolkit for those who are in a position of leading others.

Course Content

• Overview of the value of feedback
• Understanding feedback as a mechanism for organisation performance, including lean and quality performance
• Understanding our personal response to feedback
• Models of feedback
Benefits for the individual
• Greater confidence in giving feedback
• Greater self-awareness in your own response to feedback
• Emotional Intelligence around responses to feedback
• Techniques for immediate use in the workplace
Benefits for the organisation
• A culture of trust among staff and their teams
• Improved team performance
• Improved team communication


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