Leadership and Management - Developing a High Performance Culture

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 500.00

Course Overview

What values and behaviours do you want in a healthy, high-performance
workplace culture of which you are a part? This interactive and participative course will increase your personal effectiveness – and the effectiveness of your organisation – by developing and maintaining an agile, high-performance culture through people.
Designed for your personal and professional growth, and for the
development of people you influence, the course will help you harness tools and techniques to enable successful transformation, resulting in an improved culture and organisational performance.

Course Content

• Strategy and culture
• Values and guiding behaviours
• Shadow of the leader
• Coaching and feedback
• Support
• Develop insights and action steps
Benefits for the individual
• Increase personal effectiveness
• Improve the effectiveness of others
• Deliver the image you want to portray
• Develop insights and actions
Benefits for the organisation 
• Differentiate your organisation from your competitors
• Nurture employees who know how to influence and inspire others to achieve results
• Develop trust and co-operation through a shared understanding of how strategy aligns to culture
• Improve employee engagement and support business success
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