Leadership and Management - ILM Level 2 Qualification Leadership and Team Skills

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 42.00
Cost (£): 800.00

Course Overview

Certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM),
this course helps you make the transition from working in a team to leading a team. Featuring three modules, it leads to a valuable recognised qualification.
The course involves six days in total: two days per month over a period of three months. All the assessments take place within the timeline of the modules, so there is no need for additional work outside these days. Assessments are evaluated and returned to Roundhouse Thinking within five weeks of each module.

Course Content

Developing yourself as a team leader
Unit: 8000-250
Credit value: 1
Guided learning hours: 6
Helping you to understand the role and responsibilities of a team leader and to improve personal performance
Improving performance of the work team
Unit: 8000-251
Credit value: 1
Guided learning hours: 6
Developing your understanding of the team’s organisational goals and how to motivate team members to achieve these
Understanding change in the workplace
Credit value: 2
Guided learning hours: 8
Improving your capacity to deal effectively with change as required by a practising or potential team or cell leader
Benefits for the individual
• Learn core leadership and management skills
• Put these skills into practice in your workplace
• Improve your team’s performance
• Gain a nationally recognised qualification
Benefits for the organisation
• Effective team leaders and motivated teams
• Increased productivity
• A qualification that can be customised to suit organisational and individual needs
• Workplace-based assessment that ensures new skills are effectively transferred to the job
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