Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Aerospace Regulatory Awareness

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 600.00

Course Overview

Interactive, intensive and specially designed, this course provides delegates with a broad awareness of aerospace regulatory requirements to fulfil their manufacturing operational roles and responsibilities. It aims to enable robust compliance with regulations within the ‘cut and thrust’ of today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments.  
We cover the fundamentals, include practical exercises and provide essential knowledge for working with all the aerospace primes. The course can also be tailored to cover specific aerospace prime requirements.

Course Content

The regulatory basics, how to comply and why rules exist
AS9100 overview
Customer quality requirement flow down and scorecards
Airworthiness and safety including legal, ethical, moral and human factors
Importance of work instruction compliance
Impact of foreign object debris and damage (FOD) and how to prevent FOD
Inspection and stamp holder requirements
Control of non-conformance and problem-solving requirements
Benefits for the individual
Gain knowledge that is essential for all personnel manufacturing aerospace components
Strengthen your awareness of fundamental airworthiness regulatory requirements
Understand how assuring compliance with these standards is essential for maintaining organisational reputation in the aerospace sector
Benefits for the organisation 
•  An opportunity to take the complexity out of myriad aerospace regulations by concentrating on the key fundamentals to achieve regulatory compliance and product conformance
•  Fully focussed employees who return to the business having received hard-hitting explanations of what can happen when things go wrong
•  Entire leadership teams with the ability to contribute positively to achieve full regulatory compliance
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