Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Investigating Modern Slavery

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 14.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

This two-day course adds investigation and interview skills to what is taught during our Modern Slavery Awareness and Supply Chain Responsibility workshop. It is an advanced course aimed at companies with a higher level of risk, such as those employing large numbers of seasonal or temporary staff and those who provide labour/work in food production, construction and the service industry.

Course Content

Day 1

•  Human trafficking – a criminal’s perspective
•  An understanding of human trafficking, people smuggling and labour exploitation
•  The Modern Slavery Act
•  The Gangmaster Licensing and Labour Abuse Authority legislation and licensing standards
•  Knowledge check to reinforce learning
•  Case presentation and discussion – Operation Atwood
Day 2
•  Different types of interviews – complainant/person under investigation
•  PEACE interview model
•  Planning and preparation
•  Rapport building
•  Effective listening
•  Questioning style
•  Evidence and ‘points to prove’
•  Gap analysis
•  Challenges
•  Closure
•  Evaluation of the interview
•  Developing further lines of enquiry
Benefits for the individual
•  In-depth knowledge of modern slavery and interview skills
•  Confidence in dealing with investigations and modern slavery issues
Benefits for the organisation 
•  Compliance with policy and statutory legislation by all staff
•  Modern Slavery Act compliance
•  Improved knowledge and confidence in dealing with modern slavery questionnaires and reported incidents
•  Protection of vulnerable people within the organisation


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