Marketing - Closing a Sale

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

Closing is converting commitment into a decision and this course is designed for sellers who wish to improve their closing skills. We will share advanced techniques that will produce positive outcome for everyone involved in the process.

Course Content


• The five principles of closing: we provide an in-depth look at the stress points in closing clients, the natural ‘decision-making points’ when selling and the ‘close early and often’ ethos.

• What is closing? How do you reach a decision? What is a pre-closed decision? We explore how to take the pressure off, build relationships, focus on process and detach from emotion.

• The obstacles to closing: you will learn what the major barriers are and how to overcome them.

• Become a master of persuasion: persuasion power is the difference between success and failure, the crucial factor in helping you get more of the things you want faster.

• The trial closing corridor: you will learn how to guide candidates and clients through the process to ensure a positive decision can be reached.

• Choosing the right tool for the job: we share the top ten ‘real’ closing techniques used by the most success salespeople.

• Major milestones in the process: we cover the many points in the recruitment process where closing is essential.


Benefits for the individual

• Clear strategies for persuading and influencing the buyer, including the power of pre-closing

• Increased confidence and competence when closing, using the most successful techniques


Benefits for the organisation

• Up-skilling in a broad range of areas for financial enhancement

• Greater staff retention and Return on Investment (ROI)

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