Leadership and Management - Mentoring Your Apprentice in the Workplace

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 14.00
Cost (£): 600.00

Course Overview

This two-day workshop introduces coaching and mentoring as a leadership tool for team leaders and managers to train, develop and support the modern apprentice. It is designed to give delegates the confidence to use mentoring and coaching models to enable individual career development while sharing technical expertise and skills in a structured way.

Course Content


• The benefits of having coaching and mentoring skills as a management and leadership tool, with a specific focus on the development of the modern apprentice

• Structure and processes of a coaching and mentoring scheme in the organisation

• An overview of other mentoring/coaching and development processes

• A review of case study organisations and how they have applied coaching and mentoring

• The role of the workplace coach and mentor

• The benefits and purpose of a workplace coaching and mentoring scheme

• Learning and development theory, with a focus on how individuals learn in different ways

• The difference between coaching and mentoring

• Setting up the coaching and mentoring environment

• The structure of the coaching and mentoring session

• Introduction to two coaching and mentoring models

• Identify, learn and practise the skills and capabilities required of a coach and mentor

• Use Kirkpatrick’s model to review and assess the impact of coaching and mentoring on the individual and the organisation

• Design appropriate paperwork for record keeping

• Identify a personal action plan going forward


Benefits for the individual

• Improve your ability to develop apprentices and enable them to perform at their best

• Learn coaching and mentoring tools and techniques that can be applied across all levels of staff

• Build on your existing leadership and management skills by adding coaching and mentoring to your toolkit


Benefits for the organisation

• Coaches and mentors who can support and develop apprentices to enable them to perform more effectively and efficiently

• Apprentices who can integrate into normal working practices quickly with the support of their coach and/or mentor

• Cross-functional coaching and mentoring skills which are transferable to other areas of staff leadership and management

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