Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Introduction to Lean and Creating a Lean Environment

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 325.00

Course Overview

This practical course provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to implement lean thinking. It is designed to equip you with a solid understanding of lean and the basic tools to improve processes, while developing your problem-solving skills and providing the foundation for further lean development training.

Course Content


• Overview of the lean tools and how they work together

• The seven QC tools – collecting meaningful data and using it to provide valuable information

• Standardisation in workflows – the requirements, steps and processes for implementing standardised work

• 5S – the five steps to develop an effective, visual workplace

• Kaizen – the six-stage model of continuous improvement


Benefits for the individual

• Understand the key lean tools and the benefits and difficulties of implementing them

• Gain a set of practical models to use in any implementation


Benefits for the organisation

• Gain a solid understanding of the key lean tools

• Build the capacity to make informed decisions about how to move forward

• Set priorities for moving towards better process control and improvements

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