Leadership and Management - Motivation and Delegation

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 325.00

Course Overview

Learn how to motivate and delegate through differing communication styles and techniques. This course will help you to engage your team’s eagerness so that targets and objectives can be achieved successfully.

Course Content


Motivation theory

• Why study motivation?

• Review the theories and principles involved in motivating individuals and teams

• Understand ‘motivators’ and ‘satisfiers’

• Be aware of individual differences


‘SMART’ Goals

• Define good quality goals against the ‘SMART’ criteria

• Write ‘SMART’ objectives

• Develop action plans


Delegation Strategies

• Why delegate?

• Barriers to effective delegation

• Understand the different levels of delegation

• Delegation strategies and your personal delegation style

• Three key success factors in planning to delegate an assignment

• How to run a delegation meeting

• Dealing with resistance and disagreement


Benefits for the individual

• Discover a simple process for planning to delegate an activity

• Develop techniques for overcoming self-imposed barriers to delegation

• Acquire strategies for tailoring your delegation to the needs of the individual concerned

• Learn how to set good quality goals that inspire people to take action

• Gain a variety of strategies to encourage enthusiasm within the workforce


Benefits for the organisation

• Capacity to delegate tasks in a clear and concise manner

• Efficient leaders within the workplace

• Motivational techniques that increase morale and staff retention

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